GEN Design Studio office

Braga, Portugal (2017)

Program: Office

Size: 330sqm

Client: GEN Design Studio


Architecture: João Caldas, Rita Breda, Pedro Rodrigues, Luís Soares

Photography: Pedro Nuno Pacheco




     The work constitutes a reformulation of interior spaces within an existing building. The aim of the intervention was to unify three small offices into a single and larger one. For the client (a design company mainly with international clients) the function and area that most spaces would need was clear considering the optimization and quality of the work process. As a guiding principle, we opted for the maintenance of pre-existences, even exhibiting traces of the construction phase, in an intervention that sought to return the human scale to a de-characterized space.

     Only two of the entrances were maintained, one for the team and another for customers (not often used). The members of the team, being more than 50, are subdivided into three groups: the designers and programmers, who are located in a large space, organized in teams; the project managers, necessarily close to the teams but in a different area connected to the third group, the two directors, in their own workroom.