Colégio dos Plátanos

Sintra, Portugal (2010 - 2017)


Education (expansion)






Colégio dos Plátanos



Europe 40 under 40

Prémios Construir 2018 (nomination)

Premios ENOR 2020 (selection)



João Caldas, Rita Breda, Tiago Araújo,

Pedro Rodrigues, Francisco Calheiros



Pedro Nuno Pacheco



TDP Engenharia

Colégio dos Plátanos is a school in Sintra, which educates children from the age of 3 to 14; the project consists of the expansion and reorganization of the school. Having acquired a set of low quality buildings east of the existing school, the client intended to demolish them and expand the school complex eastwards, adding a series of new classrooms, complementary spaces and sport facilities. During the design phase the client changed course and decided to maintain the east buildings and commissioned a new construction of smaller scale, connecting the east and west building that had to be built in two phases, allowing for a reduced investment since our country was facing an economic crisis and on the verge of the troika intervention (IMF, EC, ECB). This decision also required the development of an intermediate structural solution and controlled demolitions in order to interrupt the daily school operation; only with the conclusion of the second phase will the entire complex be fully articulated.

First Floor and North Facade