Ylivieska church

Competition - Finland (2017)

Program: Church

Size: 2000m2


Architecture: João Caldas, Rita Breda, Pedro Rodrigues, Francisco Calheiros





      We understood the new church of Ylivieska to have been carrying along the memory of an existing former church. This notion was essential for us when decisiding that the intervention should preserve the ruins of the older structure thus generating a new relation between the two. In this space inbetween a new churchyard should arise as a space for outdoor celebrations. It is precisely the nave of the old church that sets the axis of implantation and allows the framing of the Sankarihaudat enriching the reception for the community when entering the church.

YLIVIESKA_altar principal_rev_+claro (com personas)YLIVIESKA_altar principal_rev_+claro (com personas)